About UMade

Who is UMade?

UMade is a Travel & Home Accessory brand run by a group of young professionals.

We are designers, creators, and lovers of voyages! We work hard every day and need a break to recharge after a while; especially when we run out of ideas. We crave exploration and new, exciting discoveries.

When we leave home too long, we begin to miss our sweet nest. This experience has taught us to treasure every moment wherever we are. It has also inspired us to design unique and fun products to help you enjoy your life between home and journeys.

Five years ago we started our business from Taiwan, a beautiful island located on the southeastern coast of the Asian continent, and now we have customers from over 15 countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, and the US!


Why UMap (UMade World Map)?

Let's rewind back to 2015, our founder, Tinki, who is an avid traveler, wanted to have a personalized world map to record her distinctive unique trips; to put pins on spots to remind her all the good times and to look at them with a grin every day.

However, she couldn’t find a suitable world map in the market back then. The only available ones were either small paper maps or large canvas ones with only a few countries or cities. She couldn’t pin it easily and was also worried that the paper map might be deteriorated over time.

So she decided to design and build one by herself, and called it "UMap." After she made it, she surprisingly found there were so many other people loved it too!

UMap is “Your World Map!” It’s not just a regular map. It’s an exceptional map just made for you! It is a high-quality tech fabric map with specially designed location pins. You can customize your name or personal motto on it, and don’t need to worry about the pins will fall off or the map will tear as time goes by. 

With UMap, UMade World Map, you can make your travel goals and memories visible and portable! We hope UMade World Map can record each of your characteristic journeys and accompany you wherever you go. 

Your Journey, Your World Map. Welcome on board!


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