UMap, Your Journey, Your World Map.



“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
~ St. Augustine


Travelling is such a wonderful experience. Not only can you see other parts of the world, but you create unique memories and feelings for each trip.

Who did we go with?  Where did we go?  What happened in this foreign location?  Remember everything that left its mark when the journey ended. The best memories are often made in distant lands and in cultures other than our own.


These feelings and experiences stay with you for a lifetime. So, how are these good memories and the expectation of your next trip recorded?

How about a large world map in your home?


A world map that covers half the wall is an awesome decoration that everyone will notice and want to talk about.

UMap is a world map that is exclusive to you. You can personalize your name or a favorite quote on it, to really make it your own. It will be a custom documentation of the steps you’ve taken all over the world.

Uniquely different from traditional maps made of paper or cork board, UMap is made of high quality fabric and the colorful ball pins come with special backing clips.

When recording the landmark on the map with the ball pins, you don’t need to worry about the pins falling off anymore. The pin design is carefully engineered so even while you are moving or traveling, you don't need to remove the pins and destroy your footprints.

No matter where you come from or which locations mean a lot to you, we offer you special color processing for your map.

To travel is to live. Pick your world map now and start recording all your adventures. Your Journey, Your World Map.

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