5 Ideas on How to Showcase Travels in Your Home



Traveling and exploring the world is a highly desired activity for many. Although there are numerous beautiful places to see, there is still no place like home. If you are an avid traveler, it can be difficult to showcase your adventures and how much they mean to you within your living space.

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UMade has come up with five ideas on how to showcase your travels in your home and how to decorate with your next adventure in mind!


1.UMade Custom World Map

It’s easy to showcase your travels with a customized world map and pins with backings that show exactly where your adventures have taken you. These personalized world maps are made of durable fabric that can easily travel along with you - without even having to remove the pins!

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Not only can these maps be a great way of documenting your travels, but they can continue on each journey with you as you make your way around the world. You can even add your favorite travel quote or saying to keep you inspired for your next adventure.

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2. Photo collage/Photo wall

For artistic travelers, framing large prints of your photos to create a gallery wall could be the perfect way to display your photography skills and your travels. You can tie in your journeys to your home decor in a seamless way by incorporating photos that you have taken over the years. The best part is that you can always add more photos as time goes on! 

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Something more simple would be to hang small print photos or polaroids on string lights. String lights add a beautiful ambiance to any room and clips can be easily attached to allow you to hang photos. This option allows you a lot of creative freedom to hang the lights as desired and to focus on showing off your favorite photos and memories.

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3. Dining Decor

Common items such as plates and bowls can be used to set your dining room table and can be both beautiful, and functional! If you choose a cohesive set of items to purchase along the way, your collection can grow to be an impressive size, and would be perfect for everyday use as well as on display in your home.

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4. Hammocks and Textiles

Many cultures have their own style of prints and textiles that are unique to their region. These beautiful pieces can add a worldly and global look to your interior. Finding crafted items like pillows, blankets and hammocks add texture to your home all while aiding in the overall design. Not only can they serve as a statement piece, or as functional seating, but they can provide talking points with guests as you share your travel stories.

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5. Baskets or other Handcrafted Decor

Woven baskets, carved boxes, or even pottery can make a statement in your home. These items can be used as a vase for flowers, candle holders, a general catch-all for knick-knacks around your home, or even left alone as their own piece of decor. There are many varieties of objects that you can find while traveling that are functional while also representing the unique culture of their origin.

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There are so many amazing places in this world to visit, and we hope that you are able to return home from your travels not only with lessons learned and new experiences but also with something new to add to your home and to showcase your journey.



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